Heavy duty I.V. stand with stainless steel pole, by MedPro®

The MedPro Heavy Duty IV stands are equipped with stable, robust cast iron bases. This stainless steel pole is equipped with a 4-horn cap and comes with the Easy Adjust system that allows the user to change the height of the pole with only one hand.
  • Exceptionally stable, blue cast iron base

  • Stainless steel pole with 4 hooks

  • 6 x 3" Easy Glide Castors, 3 are equipped with brakes

  • Easy Adjust - One-hand height adjustment mechanism

  • Height: 1357 mm - 2214 mm

  • Pole diameter: 25 / 18 mm

  • Footprint: 24.5 in (62.3 cm) diameter

  • Weight capacity: 18.8 kg (41 lbs)

1 year limited warranty
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