Easy Clean Commode, Clinell® by MedPro Defense

Ultra hygienic and multi-functional. Simple and easy to clean commode by


Not a single screw, nut or bolt
Comes with pulp and plastic bedpan holders
  • Ultra hygienic
    No screws, nuts or bolts. Simple, smooth moulded design means less places for dirt and germs to accumulate.

  • No rust, stainless steel frame
    5 year frame warranty.

  • Easy to clean
    Smooth, curved, non-porous surfaces allow for better and easier cleaning.

  • Only 10 parts to quickly dismantle and reassemble

  • Multi-functional
    Suitable for both pulp and plastic bedpans. Can also be used as a shower chair or over a toilet.

  • Single-piece, all-plastic bedpan rack
    Can be removed for easy cleaning or to use the commode over the toilet.

  • Stain resistant
    Resistant to staining and chemical damage.

  • EasyMove™ lockable wheels
    With patented EasyMove™ and TotalStop™ design*.

  • Safe and sanitary plastic seat
    Latex free seat cover, flush with seat, with no stitching or foam which guards against germ build up, allergies and is easy to clean.

  • Hinged armrests
    Enables easy patient transferring and support handling. The arms lock securely when down.

  • Rotating, removable footrests
    Rotate 360° so they can be turned out of the way for easy mounting or dismounting. Incorporates patent pending Clip & Slide mechanism for easy removal**.

  • Convenient seat cover storage
    The seat cover can be neatly stored at the back of the commode.

* Function patent: ZL 2006 2 0062320.0
   Appearance patent: ZL 2006 3 0066473.8
** Other patents pending

There is no warratny information.

Specifications :

Height 41.3" (105 cm)
Width 23.5" (60 cm)
Depth 30.3" (77 cm)
Width between arms 19.3" (49 cm)
Seat clearance to floor 20" (51 cm)
Maximum weight 419 lb (190 kg)

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