Disposable Pulp Lid for Bedpan Liner - Maceratable, by MedPro Defense®

Use with: MedPro Bedpan Liner
Size: 11.5" x7" + tab (29 x 18 cm + tab)

Practical, hygienic and infection control friendly
  • Less risk of cross contamination – singe use vessels.

  • Can be used for many applications.

  • Soft surface, smooth and warm to the touch, for patient comfort.

  • Will not adhere to moist skin.

  • Easy to handle, easy to carry and light.

  • Stackable – easy to store and separate.

  • Fluid resistance standard: PAS29:1999.

  • Resistance / impermeability testing up to 24 hours (water: 24 hours, phenol: 20 hours, alcohol: 80 minutes.)

  • Resistance temperature 35°C ± 3°C.

  • Molded pulp is made from virgin pulp or recycled paper and cardboard waste, rosin, and water.

  • Non sterile bulk packaging (recyclable cardboard case).
Minimal impact on the environment:
  • Natural, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic (even when burnt), water proof, oil resistant, static free, shock absorbent, microwaveable.

  • Suitable for disposable in most macerators, if facilities are available.

  • Containers made of 100% recycled paper.
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