MedPro Elastitube Tubular Stockinette Bandage

Woven, continuous tubular fabric.

Skin Friendly
• Latex-free to help prevent skin irritation.
• Remains secure on wounds and sensitive areas to help protect skin.

• May be processed to provide sterile dressings.

• Woven, continuous tubular fabric made of water-repellent, top quality cotton yarn.

• Preferred wound care alternative to using flat gauze bandages, since no winding is required to be secured in place and to permit freedom of movement.

Ideal for a wide range of applications:
• Acts as skin shield by protecting skin beneath plaster casts.
• Used in general and plastic surgery as well as dermatology.
• Suitable as a traction bandage to cover splints and cotton wool padding.

Approx. 20 m x 8 cm
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