MedPro Elastinet

Elastic netting for holding dressings.

Stretched Length*: 25 yd (22,5 m)
Unstretched Width**: 1 1/4 inch (3,18 cm)
* Note: Actual width may vary slightly due to the effect of environmental factors on the elastic netting.


Ideal for a wide range of applications:
• Can be used for fast and easy retention of all types of wound dressings.
• Especially useful for holding dressings in difficult to dress and small areas.
• An excellent bandage alternative in cases where a flat adhesive bandage may cause discomfort or may not stay in place due to patient mobility.

• MedPro Elastinet is composed of a durable combination of Polyester and Spandex that offers added comfort and flexibility.
• Highly performing, Elastinet firmly holds dressings securely in place.

• Elastinet offers a comfortable, yet firm hold by stretching to properly fit the body part being covered.
• With 11 sizes available, Elastinet can be applied to an area as narrow as your fingertips or to a surface as large as an extra wide chest.

• Elastinet dressing threads are double insulated to help prevent skin irritation.
• The Latex free material reduces the dermatitis potential associated with other fabric formulations.
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