Smart Gown - S2i Smart Gown (Surgical concepts brought to Isolation)

Smart Gowns

S2i (Surgical concepts brought to Isolation)

Having the right precautions in place is key to protecting workers.

The AAMI PB70 Guidelines were developed based on needs and standards for surgical gowns and drapes.

Where do workers need protection most?
Where the procedure is taking place - in front of them.

During most procedures where isolation gowns are used, as in surgery, there is a higher likelihood of fluid penetration in front where the activity is taking place.

Higher fluid barriers where you need them.
The S2I Gowns incorporate two kinds of fabric to give you highest protection where you need it while maximizing breathability.

The front of these gowns is made of fabric that meets the highest fluid barrier requirements for AAMI PB70, Level 4. Impermeable with lighter spunbond fabric in the back of the gown helps workers stay cooler while still protecting them.

Note: These gowns are constructed of a fabric that offers high fluid protection, yet due to identification requirements the gowns do not meet the AAMI PB70 Standard.
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