OmniFLEX™ Powder-Free Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves

Customer focused packaging
  • Attractive, easy to read boxes

  • Flexible packaging allowing vertical or horizontal merchandinsing increasing shop-ability while reducing shelf and storage space

  • Ergonomic opening to avoid waste

  • Recyclable packaging

Comfortable fit
  • Latex-free and powder-free for low allergy or dermatitis potential

  • Beaded cuff to prevent roll-down

  • Snug fit for good sensation and grip

Meets or exceeds ASTM standards for Medical Exam gloves
  • Ideal for use with chemicals that will compromise vinyl and latex gloves

  • ASTM F1671 - Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens

  • ASTM D6319 - Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application

  • Chemotherapy tested using ASTM D6978
There is no warratny information.
Use this glove for:
Bloodborne Pathogens Mechanical First Responders
Emergency Room Laboratory Pharmacy and Chemotherapy

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