MedPro Defense Vinyl Gloves, powder free

Proven Barrier Protection
• Protect hands against bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis and HIV, as well as bodily fluids.
• Meet or exceed ASTM D5250 requirements for barrier strength.

• Made of specially formulated PVC, these gloves are 100% latex-free.
• Free of natural rubber latex allergens and proteins.
• Minimize risk to Type I allergic reactions to latex.

• With 5 sizes available, each user can find one that fits well.
• Choose between lightly powdered and powder free options.

• Manufactured in ISO9002 certified factory.
• Meet stringent norms of medical quality.

Comfort & Sensitivity
• Pleasant fit and feel • Permit good level of dexterity.
• Beaded cuffs reinforce glove strength and prevent roll down.
There is no warratny information.
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